Origami Risk maintains industry leading availability and reliability. Data is mirrored in real-time to a duplicate environment for complete fail-over capability. Data is backed up every 10 minutes and in multiple locations for complete data reliability.

Application Delivery Control

In order to maintain constant availability and optimal performance of the application, Origami Risk utilizes Application Deliver Controllers that ensures user traffic is routed to the correct application server, based on the overall load balance and server availability. This ensures that user traffic routed into the Origami Risk environment can be handled without performance degradation.


Encryption ensures that Origami Risk’s client data is protected from unauthorized access at all times. Origami databases that are housed within Origami’s AWS environment are encrypted at rest. All web traffic is encrypted using SSL mechanisms.

Data Backup

Origami Risk makes use of the highly available redundant elastic block storage (EBS) and Simple Storage Service (S3) to provide an organizationally created and controlled cloud based storage environment. The Origami Service backs up all user level and client data to its cloud based redundant storage environment at 10 minute intervals and include all database transactions. Incremental backups occur nightly and full backups occur weekly for client data. Full user level and client data backups are then maintained for 6 months online stored in an available region and availability zone outside the production environment. Origami Service backs up all system level information to its cloud based redundant storage environment. Primary is located in AWS East with a redundant site in AWS West. System data is backed up nightly. Full system level backups are maintained for 6 months online. Information system documentation including security-related documentation is backed up as part of the system level information backup to the secondary location nightly. Origami Service protects the confidentiality and integrity of backup information at the storage location by limiting access to authorized use.