Our expertise and can-do culture will be apparent from the very beginning—at the implementation stage. Our client executives will be able to ask informed questions about your business, as well as offer direction on how to handle different business challenges from within the system. Origami Risk’s unique implementation methodology emphasizes speed and flexibility. Our approach can cut thousands of dollars of expense and saves months from implementation projects by minimizing knowledge loss. Their ability to problem solve and adapt the system to meet your needs will wow you.

Business Objective Discovery

Our goal at Origami Risk is to help you achieve your business objectives. Our Client Executives listen to your needs, create technical solutions to support them and help you translate these solutions into success for your organization. Choose between either an agile project management style—preferred by most of our hundreds of happy clients—or a traditional project management style for those instances where an entirely customized project management style is needed.

Integrations and Feeds

In today’s world, integrating data from multiple systems and providing data to other systems is a necessity. We can configure your system to send and receive data from any source, whether you need to import employee information from an HR system, send your carrier a listing of new incidents or even transmit data to and from regulatory entities for reporting purposes.

System Configuration

Origami Risk is tailored for you. Through the use of our standard configuration and automation tools, your Origami Risk experience will meet the unique needs of your organization—whether it’s through unique workflows, tailored screen designs or system integrations with other platforms throughout your business.

Project Management

Our Client Executives can apply their knowledge, skills, experience and our standard PMO techniques to execute your projects effectively and efficiently. This translates to shorter implementation and project cycles for you. At Origami Risk, we take a phased approach to your implementation to get you using the system immediately. Origami provides a dedicated team of industry experts available to supply you with the support you need to maximize your use of the Origami Risk system.

Legacy Data Conversion

Leaving your old system behind has never been easier with Origami Risk. We perform a thorough analysis of your historical data to deliver accurate and quick system conversions. Not only will your historical data be precisely converted into Origami Risk, we will enhance the data by streamlining codes, catching errors, and suggesting improvements while maintaining the integrity of the data.