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Doing more with less: How public entity risk managers can use RMIS technology to improve workplace safety

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Public entity risk managers looking to further reduce the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims continue to recognize the value of a behavior-based risk and safety management model. According to Public Entity Risk Managers Speak Out: Results of the 2017 Public Entity Employee Safety & Loss Control Survey, “Now more than ever, the best strategy is to take a holistic approach to risk management to prevent claims from occurring in the first place with loss control strategies.”

The development and implementation of a pre-loss model that measurably drives accident reduction and workplace safety requires effective collaboration between risk management and safety teams. Transparency and the sharing of information is essential to success. Both can be severely restricted when using spreadsheets or outdated legacy software.

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How does automated communication enhance safety?


Building a culture of safety at any organization hinges on solid internal communication among relevant stakeholders. Incident- or safety-related communications must be prompt, accurate and offer straightforward directions regarding next steps—inciting appropriate actions to address any hazards that could interfere with safety.

Advanced risk management information systems (RMIS) can help facilitate prompt, accurate and direct communication regarding safety hazards with automatic communication features. Here are three ways automating communication within an RMIS can help improve safety at your organization:

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