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Collecting Values from the Field

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.38.45 PMJeff Enzinger, an Origami Risk sales executive, shares his thoughts on the challenges Risk Managers face when collecting exposure values from the field.


Risk Managers embark annually on a daunting and sometimes thankless task of obtaining exposure data from the “field”. Values they seek include data like building replacement costs and other data points critical to the process of obtaining or renewing insurance. A business doesn’t have to be a multi-national enterprise to have dozens or even hundreds of locations that vary in both size and purpose. Field locations like offices, facilities, and warehouses can be spread across the country or the globe.

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Severe weather: Top risk for organizations


I’ll let the scientists of the world argue over whether climate change is driving more frequent and severe weather patterns. What I will argue is that any organization that is unprepared for severe weather events—regardless of frequency—is putting its business on the line.

Plenty of recent reports, like the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016, have indicated severe weather should be a concern for organizations. The business risks are many, but commonly come in the form of costly property damage and halted business operations. To overcome these challenges, an organization must proactively manage risks and promptly handle claims resulting from severe weather.

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