Values Collection and Tracking

Easily collect, load, organize, and communicate exposure information in one central location for the purpose of managing risk or streamlining renewals. Replace what has traditionally been a labor-intensive process with tools that automate the collection and calculation of exposure values. Track everything from property values, to assets, to vehicles in real time—as a cloud-based platform, changes in values are immediately reflected in Origami Risk.

Collect Better Data

Origami Risk values collection tools improve collaboration and communication–as well as clearly highlighting client-defined data that must be collected. This ultimately leads to the capture of more complete, accurate information in one central location. Feel confident your policy renewals and exposure forecasting reflect your true asset base–minimizing costly disruptions at a later date.

  • Use complex filters and sorting tools to group and report on the data you want.
  • Create the following reports: Loss triangles with projections, as-of reporting, complex loss limiting, currency conversion, loss ratios, ad-hoc reporting.
  • Drill-down to the precise details–from summary to detailed reports, all the way down to specific claims.
  • Export report data to Excel or PDF.
  • Create reports based on a triggering event.
  • Respond to interactive questions to filter the report data.

Track Exposures With Ease

Don’t ever lose sight of your values and exposures across locations–thanks to tools that allow you to easily enter and update data; customize how values are tracked; and make it intuitive to understand both individual and groups of exposures. The ability to keep data accurate and up-to-date is amplified by Origami Risk’s web-based platform, offering you insight whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Define how you want to track a value, whether it’s monthly, annually, etc.
  • Simple on-screen tools give immediate views into exposures from any organizational level; further, analyze and review location exposure information on mobile devices.
  • Create location hierarchies so you can run reports at various levels within those hierarchies and see totals at the location folder level.

Forecast Future Exposure Values

With Origami Risk it’s easy to calculate the upcoming year’s estimated exposure values–minimizing time spent reviewing exposure data across your business; re-formatting and re-keying the data so it’s “calculation ready; and then using tools that can make even the simplest calculation cumbersome.

  • Set estimated values for the upcoming year by using actuals from the present year.
  • Easily enter a high volume of exposure data, along with comments, into a values worksheet for one or more locations.
  • Quickly calculate future exposures using the Origami Risk values worksheet, which not only runs the calculations, but saves and stores the data for you.