Surveys have become an important tool for Patient Safety and Quality managers. Often times the hardest part of conducting surveys is finding the right tool that works the way you need it to. Origami Risk’s Survey tool provides an additional, unobtrusive means of collecting and aggregating data from staff, employees, and patients. With Origami Risk’s Survey tool, users can create and deploy surveys across locations and to individuals quickly and effectively. Users can utilize the adhoc features included in the tool to create their own defined surveys. Or, they can choose from one of our pre-configured surveys, make modifications, and deploy. Those responsible for managing surveys have the ability to track which groups receive the survey, as well as measure survey participation and effectiveness. Easy-to-use data analysis tools allow for the quick distribution of results and actionable information. With Origami, gather and make use of data from across the organization that would otherwise be unavailable.


  • Define survey questions, choices, and dynamic responses to collect data sets from survey participants
  • Administer survey participants by location, role, type, or other criteria Deploy surveys, anonymously or to users, on a defined schedule with survey expiration dates
  • Track survey participation, send automated reminders and escalations Define survey scoring criteria for quick and easy analysis of survey results
  • Analyze survey results through easy-to-use reports and dashboards Quickly distribute and share survey results to specified groups, or use results in preconfigured presentations
  • Leverage pre-configure survey library


  • Survey creator tools allow you to define the data that is captured and the presentation of the survey
  • Flexible deployment capabilities empower administrators to ensure participants receive and complete surveys on time
  • Easily track survey participation and completeness
  • Send automated reminders to increase survey participation
  • Quickly access survey results
  • Analyze survey results using reports and dashboards
  • Scoring capabilities allow for the identification of data outliers and problem areas