Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

To move the needle on patient safety initiatives and prevent adverse events from reoccurring, hospitals and healthcare systems must turn data into meaningful insight and strategic next steps. Origami Risk’s root cause analysis functionalities can play a critical role in analyzing risk and taking action, without increasing a team’s administrative burden.


  • Integrate data from multiple sources to develop clearer trends and gain a deeper understanding of contributing factors
  • Use Fishbone diagrams provide a visual display of an adverse event’s contributing factors, broken down by category
  • Use the Root Cause Analysis and Action (RCA2) method to understand what happened, why it happened, what needs to be done to correct the problem, and how to prevent it in the future
  • Use the 5 Whys technique to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular adverse event or series of events
  • Take information learned from RCA processes and turn them into dashboards to be shared at all levels of your organization


  • RCA unearths the cause of patient safety events for proactive rather than reactive risk management
  • Gain insight into data points to ensure the proper corrective actions are taken
  • Origami Risk’s intuitive RCA tools produce speedier results with less administrative work from clinicians, allowing them to focus on direct patient care
  • Show leadership and other stakeholders RCA findings for greater transparency and more strategic change