Origami Risk speeds up and streamlines renewals. Trigger the entire renewal process with the push of a button, and centralize all renewal activities and communications in one secure environment. This creates a seamless renewal process for customers, reducing the headaches that typically frustrate them and encroach on their treasured time.

Automation from end-to-end

With Origami Risk, starting the renewal process is essentially a push-button experience. The system automatically calculates, summarizes and reports out rates and coverage options based on the previous year exposure values and policy history. Say goodbye to pouring over spreadsheets and manually cobbling together reports and recommendations based on your findings. Origami does this for you.

  • Automatically calculate projected renewal costs based on previous history.
  • Calculations automatically trigger the creation of reports and summaries that highlight previous exposures, costs, and coverage and then forecast changes for the coming year.
  • Such reports and summaries are automatically distributed to clients from the system, commencing an automated communication process for collecting values and discussing the renewal from that moment forward.

Simplify how policies are proposed and bound

The entire process of proposals, changes, binding, securing e-signatures is automated and interactive with Origami Risk. The system generates customized proposals via document delivery or online collaborative tools.

  • Deliver multiple proposal options to insureds
  • Collaborate with insureds
  • Communicated impact of changes
  • Accept & deny coverage change requests
  • Bind and issue policies
  • Secure e-signature

Streamline renewal communications

Forget generating and sorting through multitudes of one-off emails to determine where a renewal stands, next steps, or what related documents need to be attached. Origami Risk automates communication. Spend less time in your inbox, and more time in the field–connecting with customers in ways that can make a true difference in their businesses.

  • Rules-based, decision-making technology triggers communications to customers.
  • Easily share past claim data with insureds to validate policy recommendations or premium prices.
  • Give customers insight into their coverage details.
  • Communicate impact of changes to policies with helpful documents and reports already housed in the system.

Collect exposure data with speed and accuracy

Easily collect, load and organize exposure information for the purpose of renewals–replacing what has traditionally been a labor-intensive process, ripe with data entry mistakes. You and your customers can track everything from property values, to assets, to vehicles. Further, simple on-screen tools give immediate views into exposures from any organizational level. Learn More

  • View claim summaries by coverage and policy year.
  • Collect, analyze and review location exposure information on mobile devices.
  • Organize value collections by groups, automatically establishing which groups will be collecting certain values and highlighting the exact type of information that needs to be collected.