Quality Management

Quality management is a fundamental part of any healthcare risk management program. At its core, the quality management department is responsible for making sure patients receive a high level of service and satisfaction at all times. Origami Risk’s quality management tools are easy to implement, produce data in a consumable format, and have the flexibility to grow with an organization.


Surveys are critical to the overall function of a quality department. Origami’s survey tools:

  • Create, schedule, and automate surveys across the enterprise to collect healthcare data in a structured format
  • Use existing/historical surveys or create new surveys to capture important healthcare data in a timely manner
  • Allow users to respond online or offline through a mobile, downloadable application
  • Track and record compliance and timeliness of response and participation
  • Organize and analyze results in meaningful reports, dashboards, and presentations


Rounding takes time and effort, but can lead to the capture of issues otherwise missed through other data collection means. Origami’s tools can help you:

  • Leverage your existing rounding template, or start from an accepted standard, to collect multiple important data points
  • Perform rounding online or through an easy-to-use, mobile application
  • Create multiple rounding forms based on location, care setting, service, or position
  • Quickly identify problem areas and create corrective action plans from anywhere within the facility
  • Monitor rounding compliance with automated workflows and notifications
  • Aggregate and integrate rounding data with other patient safety and quality data
  • Analyze and distribute rounding data through reports, dashboards, and analytics

Quality Metrics & Reporting

Not all healthcare data comes from a single source. Origami Risk collects, aggregates, and structures healthcare data for quality metrics reporting through:

  • Data interface and aggregation tools based on industry standards
  • The ability to create ad-hoc metric parameters, while leveraging existing, commonly used metrics
  • Use of data normalization functions through external data sets
  • Automated notification and reporting tools that monitor healthcare data trends, patterns, and thresholds
  • Tools that allow you to present quality metrics reports, dashboards, analytics, and online presentations in a repeatable, measurable, and standard format


Preparing for audits and collection of datasets can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Origami Risk’s audit tool streamline the process through:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive forms for collecting data
  • Streamlined data collection that eliminates wasted time finding answers to questions
  • Full workflow automation that allows for effective distribution, reminders, and follow-up activities
  • Scoring and weighting capabilities to find problem areas and outliers quickly and effectively
  • Simplified reporting, dashboards, and analytics for comprehensive analysis of audit data

Patient Portals

Collecting healthcare data from the source (the patient) is at the heart of the quality initiative. Origami Risk provides you the tools to do just that.

  • Post-discharge surveys emailed directly to the patient
  • Kiosk forms built with easy-to-use navigation and screens
  • Automated workflows and notifications for fast responses to issues and concerns
  • Mobile capabilities for easy integration and distribution of surveys
  • Reports, dashboards, and analytics to monitor portal data