Physician Administration & Underwriting

Physician administration can be overwhelming, with redundant processes, volumes of data, and tight deadlines. Origami Risk provides an integrated, streamlined tool to help reduce the time and effort involved in the administration of physician programs.


Our physician administration and underwriting tools include:

  • Complete application process
  • Certificate management
  • Request for verification for insurance process

Policy Renewal

Origami allows users to see current and historical insurance policies in a clear and organized manner. The renewal process is fully automated, saving time and reducing error. When insurance policy information is entered into the system (either through electronic data import or manual entry) the policy can be renewed with a click of a button. The system also alerts users about upcoming expiring policies so they can get in front of them. When a new policy is started, previous policy info remains attached to claims and named insureds (such as physicians) for easy access to valuable insight.


  • More efficiently and accurately manage the physician application process
  • Automate the certificate process and verification of insurance, freeing up time and resources
  • Consolidate data in one central repository