Origami Risk Mobile

Data is the backbone of any risk, insurance, safety or claims management program. As such, it needs to be easy to capture, understand, and share—all with efficiency. That’s why Origami Risk’s web-based platform is mobile-friendly: Data can be collected and transmitted instantaneously, from anywhere—delivering insights and prompting activity among those tasked with making critical decisions about risk, safety, and insurance challenges. Data is your biggest asset. Don’t let it get locked away in paper reports, disparate spreadsheets, or on your desktop.

Mobile Data Entry

From incident entry to values collection, Origami Risk makes it easy for remote users to enter data--along with supplemental files like photos, videos and witness reports--into a wide variety of mobile forms within the system. This saves field users time and effort--increasing their willingness to fulfill their reporting responsibilities; enhancing the quality of data that’s reported on site; and speeding up reporting times in general. Here are just a few forms that can be mobile, depending on your preferences:

  • Incident Entry Forms
  • Values Collection Forms
  • Inspection Forms
  • Location and Property Forms
  • Fleet-related Forms

Mobile Claimant App

Give claimants the access they want to the information they need--without over-burdening your staff. With Origami Risk’s Mobile Claimant App, claimants can review loss runs or the status of their claims by logging into the system from a mobile device. Claimants will appreciate immediate access to such critical data on their own schedule, while internal staff will appreciate not having to drop what they’re doing to accommodate requests for claim information.

  • Apply coverage and location security.
  • Distribute reports to specified groups.
  • Schedule individual reports or report packages.
  • Apply coverage and location security.
  • Respond to interactive questions to filter the report data.

Mobile Check Approval

Origami Risk makes it easy to stay in touch with the office and the many tasks on your plate--even when you’re remote. Don’t let important actions--like approving claim payments--slip through the cracks because you’re away from your desk. The system goes beyond merely highlighting on your mobile device the payments awaiting your approval--but allows you to quickly and easily dig for the necessary background information to give you context, as well as actually approve the payment.

  • The system will automatically alert you to take action on outstanding check approvals.
  • Use accessible, on-screen tools to quickly click on the requested approval to see associated claim details--giving you context for the task you’re being asked to complete.
  • Send communications regarding the requested approval from within the system if you have questions or need clarification.
  • Approve the requested payment remotely from your mobile device.

Mobile Location Analysis

Headed to an offsite meeting regarding a particular property’s exposure values, policy information or recent claims? Origami Risk allows you to access the most up-to-date location information on mobile devices. This puts the information you need right at your fingertips when trying to assess a location’s performance away from your desk. Be more productive with the ability to dive into location data on the spot--helping you to raise informed questions or offer guidance.

  • Easily search for a location and pull up its relevant details you desire to assess.
  • Review everything from COPE data and recent safety initiatives to exposures, actuals and more with intuitive and visual data that tells a location’s story in just a few clicks.
  • Click on-screen tools to quickly compare a location with other similar locations.

Mobile Security

While mobile functionality gives users tremendous power to do great work, or claimants the ability to quickly access the claim data they need, system administrators don’t have to surrender their control. We’ll help you determine if and when parameters are needed regarding who can submit and review specific data.

  • Put parameters around mobile form usage; the types of users allowed to enter data remotely; and devices that can be used to enter, submit and review data.
  • Define security permissions and login requirements around specific mobile capabilities depending on your objectives for each mobile form.
  • If you’re in a location without a secure connection, you can still fill out a form in the mobile environment and save it--submitting it when your connection is re-established.