Legacy Data Conversions

Leaving your old system behind has never been easier than with Origami Risk. Between our customer-focused experts on staff and flexible, web-based technology that allows for the fluid transfer of data, you can rest assured we will maintain the integrity of your historical data and precisely convert it to Origami Risk.

We Take Your Data Personally

In order to deliver accurate and quick system conversions, we perform a thorough analysis of your historical data--streamlining codes, catching errors and suggesting improvements. Our ability to do this stems from having customer-focused and consultative staff who not only understand data, but understand the business processes that influence your data and how to handle different business challenges from within the system.

Technology Built for Seamless Conversions

Origami Risk was built to be flexible and scalable--meaning your data won’t have to be contorted to the point of ineffectiveness to fit into our system, nor will it be slow to transfer since our web-based servers can automatically increase processing power when traffic is high.

Endless Conversion Possibilities

Don’t fear myriad restrictions when it comes to exporting your data from a legacy system or other source to Origami Risk. We can support the import and conversion of a wide variety of data formats--easing the transmission of your valuable data from one system to another. To name only a few, the Origami Risk team and platform has proven success converting data from:

  • Other RMIS providers
  • Past and present data loads from carriers and TPAs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Internal Systems