Inspections and Compliance Audits

With Origami Risk, you can take your inspection and audit processes paperless and mobile; gain more control over the quality of data collected; and spur corrective actions that help prevent losses and keep your safety program compliant.

Straightforward and Reliable Data Collection

Minimize the ambiguity and subjectivity that often results from paper-intensive inspection and audit data. Origami Risk’s mobile electronic inspection and audit forms can help improve response rates and standardize data input from the field--making it easier to assess and address potential problem areas.

  • Control data quality with defined and required data fields, consistent answer codes, and simple design that encourages timely completion from the field
  • Inspection and audit forms can be completed on site from any mobile device, further encouraging prompt and mass participation from the field
  • Attach photographs, videos and other required documentation directly to any record in the system, providing a more holistic glimpse
  • Build forms from scratch or from standard templates that you can customize--ensuring you’re armed with the information you need
  • Tool tips define answer codes to help users fill out audit forms

Prompt Action Helps Prevent Hazards

Origami Risk goes beyond capturing and storing data that’s relevant to your safety program. It supplies you with automated tools that can incite stakeholders to take action on any loss control recommendations that may arise from inspections.

  • Automatically distribute audit forms to field users in a multitude of ways, including anonymous entry links, to ensure uptake.
  • Create automated workflows and task assignments based on loss control recommendations recorded in the system.
  • Audit results, such as a client-defined low audit score, can also trigger alerts or corrective action assignments.

Analytics Spur Change

Housing all inspection and audit data in the same central location as other risk, safety and claim related data means powerful insight is just a few clicks away, thanks to Origami Risk’s on-screen analytics tools.

  • Schedule a dashboard or reports to review complete audits or those in progress to stay apprised of your loss control program and compliance efforts.
  • Track all recommendations at the location-level for a more drilled down approach to loss control and compliance efforts.
  • Analyze loss control recommendations’ impact via frequency/impact reports that highlight how often incidents occur both before and after completing a recommendation.