Indemnity Benefits & AWW Calculations

Our indemnity benefits and average weekly wage (AWW) solutions integrate with any claims management system, providing your adjusters with access to up-to-date and accurate calculations in a seamless, intuitive workflow. We even offer a full UI experience for your adjusters if integration is not an option for your organization currently. We eliminate your reliance on time-consuming searches for current state-specific workers’ compensation income benefit laws, and we eliminate the dangerous practice of using unsecured spreadsheets for these compliance calculations.


  • Includes a comprehensive library of rules and rates for all 50 states, territories, and the District of Columbia kept up-to-date by a team of compliance experts.
  • Prompts guide adjuster input of state, disability type, key dates, and wage details. With a single-click, average weekly wage is returned along with rule used in the calculation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with any claims management system and is also accessible via SaaS browser interface.