Healthcare Claims Administration

Adjust to an easier way of administering claims and identifying healthcare trends. Origami Risk goes beyond serving as a consolidated repository for all claims data. Manage the entire claims life cycle and streamline any and all claims-related activities tied to your business for all lines of coverage.

Origami Risk can help improve adjusters’ productivity levels, give greater visibility into claim trends, and act as a single source of truth for all claims data including involved parties, financials, notes, tasks, files, related parties (i.e. physicians, attorneys, etc.), and insurance information. Easily transmit claims activity data to and from external sources; compare claims to drive decision making; and deploy rules-based decision-making tools to automate clerical activities that keep the claims process moving.


  • Automatically create claims from incidents
  • Open, close, and reopen claims with a click
  • Generate checks with automated routing for escalation and approval
  • Authorize reserve and payment thresholds
  • Drive automated diaries and tasks, claimant communication, and follow-up
  • Grant clients access to claim activity with the Mobile Claimant App
  • Handle documents more efficiently
  • Manage multi-defendant claims
  • Compare claims with claim comparison tool
  • Benchmark claims with industry data like Official Disability Guidelines
  • Visual dashboards intuitively highlight claims that require attention
  • Get a clear view of policy erosion and strategically approach policy renewals


  • Improved productivity levels and cost savings through automation and rules-based tools
  • Reduced error and faster claim-closure times
  • Respond quickly to ever-changing healthcare compliance and laws
  • More accurate policy modeling
  • More organized policy management, resulting in major time and cost savings
  • Simplified OSHA reporting process and improved loss control
  • Earlier intervention into workplace injuries, and faster return-to-work times