Whether the goal is measuring the success of a new program, or guiding key stakeholders to actionable information as well as tasks that need attention,  the standard reporting and dashboard features of Origami Risk enable key insight to be delivered. Origami Risk empowers you to quickly create and distribute visual dashboards and drill-down reports that include the real-time data and detailed analysis needed to drive business decisions.

Customize how you depict your data

No two businesses are the same and neither are the metrics by which they judge their programs’ performance. That’s why we’ve built more than 100 standard report, graph and dashboard templates that you can easily tweak to reflect your needs. This saves you from having to build custom widgets and dashboards from scratch, but still gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust them for your purposes. Feeling industrious? You’re still welcome to build your own widgets, too. Origami Risk makes it easy to create almost any report you can imagine.

  • Choose your dashboard layout
  • Add new widgets on the fly with the click of a button
  • Create dashboards specifically for locations, professional roles and so much more

Share your results

Dashboards aren’t intended to sit pretty on your desktop. Nor do you want to distribute dashboards with data that’s no longer up-to-date. Because Origami Risk is Web-based and constantly being fed information, your data will be accurate up-to-the minute, even after you’ve sent it out. Further, reports can be distributed automatically on a pre-determined schedule--or even triggered by certain events--and then filtered so that the appropriate types of reports get to the appropriate stakeholders.

  • System alerts notify team members of ready-to-share dashboards
  • Make dashboards private or public, and share them with people in certain roles
  • Schedule dashboards to be distributed to the field

Visualize your data

Present your data in a pictorial or graphic format that truly tells a story--whether it’s to highlight the effectiveness of certain risk or safety initiatives, gaps in policy coverage or claims that need intervention. Stakeholders will appreciate up-to-the-minute data that is easy-to-understand and filter--allowing them to find information that relates to their work.

  • Create a customized dashboard in formats your stakeholders prefer
  • Dashboard widgets can be graphs, charts, reports and so much more
  • Edit dashboards with live data so you can envision the final output