Claims Adjusting

Origami Risk streamlines the claims adjusting process for any claim type, regardless of coverage–improving your efficiency and freeing up time for more important tasks. Our web-based, mobile technology offers access to real-time claim information from limitless sources–allowing you to cut back on paper and accomplish work from anywhere, at any time. Such accessibility doesn’t discount our security, though. Claim access can be limited through location or coverage-based security.

Improve processes and workflows

Reduce the amount of time you spend on clerical burdens, thanks to automated rules-based tools that can trigger activities and workflows when certain data is entered or specific events occur. This keeps the claims process moving from end-to-end and keeps stakeholders involved and accountable.

  • Automatically create claims from incidents, as well as open, close and reopen claims with a click
  • Generate checks with automated routing for escalation and approval
  • Authorize reserve and payment thresholds
  • Drive automated diaries and tasks, claimant communication and follow up
  • Grant clients access to claim activity with the Mobile Claimant App
  • Easily interface with third party financial or ERP systems, banks, HR, payroll, etc.
  • Handle documents more efficiently Learn More

Prioritize claims

Hone in on the claims most likely to be problematic, rather than spreading yourself too thin among all the claims that come across your desk. Origami Risk helps manage the madness with tools that can score claim severity; automatically alert you of claims that meet a certain severity threshold; compare like claims for a point of reference; and visually highlight claim data so it’s easy to know where to invest your time and energy.

  • Compare claims with claim comparison tool
  • Benchmark claims with industry data like Official Disability Guidelines
  • Visual dashboards intuitively highlight claims that require attention