Creating & Distributing Reports

Avoid spending too much time generating reports about your risk, safety, claims or policy programs, and spend more time acting on report insights, instead. Origami Risk makes creating and distributing reports simple, and data analysis is intuitive. With Origami Risk, you’ll find real-time analytics everywhere–making reporting fast, powerful and accurate. This allows you to be efficient and effective at the same time.

Reports without limits

Choose from more than 100 standard dashboard widgets and report templates--or customize your own--to create reports from anywhere in the system, not just from our reporting module. Adjust dashboards and reports on the fly to meet ever-changing reporting criteria from stakeholders.

  • Use complex filters and sorting tools to group and report on the data you want.
  • Create the following reports: Loss triangles with projections, as-of reporting, complex loss limiting, currency conversion, loss ratios, ad-hoc reporting.
  • Drill-down to the precise details--from summary reports, to detailed reports, all the way down to specific claims.
  • Export report data to Excel or PDF.
  • Create reports based on a triggering event.
  • Respond to interactive questions to filter the report data.
  • Easy to use lag levels

Data sharing, simplified

Because Origami Risk is web-based and constantly being fed information, your data will be accurate up-to-the minute, even after you’ve sent it out. Further, reports can be distributed automatically on a pre-determined schedule--or even triggered by certain events--and then filtered so that the appropriate types of reports get to the appropriate stakeholders

  • Apply coverage and location security.
  • Distribute reports to specified groups.
  • Schedule individual reports or report packages.
  • Respond to interactive questions to filter the report data.