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Roger Audino – Origami Risk

Roger Audino

Practice Lead (EHS)

A client’s ability to proactively manage enterprise risk, ensure operational efficiency, provide employee and contractor safety, and demonstrate environmental compliance and sustainability are essential in delivering long-term value to stakeholders and employees, customers, and communities.  As the EHS Practice Lead, Roger Audino uses his experience and expertise in helping clients diagnose problems with their current EHS and Operational Risk Management systems and processes, and solve those problems with leading-edge software.

With a deep background in digitization strategy and EHSQ solutions, Roger Audino brings our clients experience in transforming their organizational practices to optimize worker safety, environmental compliance, and sustainability.  By utilizing the latest in predictive data analytics, Roger helps clients focus on what matters — their employees and communities.  

Whether a client is looking to begin their digital EHSQ strategy, consolidate their current systems, or work on optimizing their practice and safety culture, Roger helps our clients throughout their journey, identifying needs, developing an overall software strategy, and implementing and supporting new tools to help their employees go home safe after each shift.  Roger has worked with numerous clients, from the largest global organizations and Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and branches of state and federal government.  He focuses on clients in manufacturing and chemicals, food production and manufacturing, distribution, and pharmaceuticals to ensure the safety and sustainability of their operations.