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Stay on top of varying vaccination booster requirements, timelines, and reminders with Origami's Vaccine Booster Tracking while managing and automating logistics around weekly employee COVID-19 testing with Employee Test Tracking.

Part of Origami Risk’s award-winning COVID-19 Solution Suite, Vaccine Booster Tracking and Employee Test Tracking help organizations to address everchanging state and federal vaccine and employee testing mandates, including those announced on September 9, 2021 as part of the Presidential Executive Order on employee vaccine mandates.

The Vaccine Booster Tracking solution helps organizations to automate logistics around tracking and notifying employees of upcoming COVID-19 vaccination boosters while the Employee Test Tracking solution automates and simplifies the logistical burden of managing and tracking weekly testing for employees that have opted to waive the COVID vaccine or employees that may have been exposed to an infected person.

Developed in collaboration with clients and our product team, these two new solutions enable organizations with numerous new capabilities, including:

  • Mobile intake capability to track employee booster shot status or employee COVID-19 tests
  • Tracking of whether an employee is fully vaccinated and eligible for a future booster shot or is overdue for a booster
  • Tracking of COVID-19 test details, including date and time, test type, results, where the test was administered, and proof of test
  • Ability to automate various workflows around whether an employee is overdue for a booster, submits a positive COVID-19 test result, and more
  • Additions to the standard COVID-19 dashboard and reporting widgets for visualizing and analyzing client-specific data
  • Much more

Download the Solution Sheet to learn more.