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Assessments can be a great opportunity to understand where your program currently stands, and where you want it to go. All too often, however, the results can leave respondents saying “OK, this is useful information but how do I move things forward?”.

In this 30-minute webinar, James Green, Director of Risk Practices at Origami Risk, discusses:

  • How a fundamental problem found in most ERM assessments limits actionability
  • Why the push to reach the “best box” could undermine your progress
  • What benchmarking trends mean for your program

This focused discussion will provide practical tips to anyone trying to develop a deeper understanding of their program’s current capabilities and how that fares with peers.

Whether or not you’ve completed the Origami ERM Program Maturity Assessment survey, you’ll gain insight on how to turn this tool into concrete steps that can help your program reach a higher level of maturity. James brings a deep understanding of complex risk issues and hands-on experience with more than a decade of experience in operational, financial, and strategic risk management.