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“The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Sun, May 8 | How Inflation, Supply Chain, Energy Costs and Property Valuations Amplify Hurricane Risk 

It is no longer enough to prepare for the local effects of hurricanes. The dynamics of supply chains and the world can make these threats worse and organizations must think critically about climate risks’ impact operations. (Continue reading) 

Wed, May 11 | Technology, life sciences companies: New opportunities & risks 

Tech and life sciences companies were able to remain resilient during the Covid pandemic and were even able to expand their business. While adapting during the pandemic, they may have created new risks and unintended exposures. Chubb and TechAssure highlighted the challenges and opportunities for these companies moving forward. (Continue reading)  

Thu, May 12 | Activist Group Says U.S. Insurers Trying to Weaken Climate-Related Regulations 

A climate think tank, InfluenceMap, has found in their research that many insurers publicly acknowledge the need to act on climate change; however, their industry associations have been pushing the opposite message to policymakers. (Continue reading) 

Fri, May 13 | Insurance industry ranked 4th in new business applications growth 

Many industries’ growth slowed in 2021, but the insurance sector had significant improvement. Insurance businesses embraced technology in 2020 and were able to be more flexible in 2021, which helped bring new business formations. Keep reading to learn the tech trends shaping the industry and for other growth predictions in 2022. (Continue reading) 

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