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Have you been thinking “How in the world do I get all of my policy data into Origami?”. If your answer is “yes”, we have some news for you! We’re excited to announce that with our exclusive strategic partnership with LineSlip Solutions, that will no longer be a question.

Our partnership delivers a powerful integration that allows our clients greater insight into their policy data, all within the Origami application. As a result, your organization’s policy information can now be processed by LineSlip’s innovative software, which is then transferred to Origami via an API specifically created for this integration.

By now you may have read the press release, but now what? Keep reading for a FAQ on our partnership or contact Ali LaFayette at

What is LineSlip? LineSlip Solutions is a cloud-based software solution that helps automate the extraction and structuring of insurance data to deliver actionable insights and data-driven applications that solve business process problems and increase the market competitiveness of brokers, carriers, and insureds. LineSlip uses AI, OCR, and Machine Learning to digitize and extract valuable policy information from client’s policies in any format — paper, digital, etc.

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Why is this a differentiator?

No other RMIS platform has this solution (or anything close to it) and no other RMIS provider can integrate with LineSlip. This integration will provide our clients with analytics and valuable insight into all of their policies, regardless of broker or line of business. The LineSlip tool also provides our clients with useful market data for benchmarking purposes.

Who would be a good candidate for this integration?

Virtually all RMIS clients (corporate, government, brokers, etc.) will likely be a good candidate, and we’ll learn a lot more as we work on implementing our first few clients.

As an Origami Risk client or prospect, what does this mean for me? 

Origami clients will no longer have to rely on their brokers to manage the collection and transcribing of all policy data. All policy information is at their fingertips within the Origami Policy module!