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TPA Best Practices #2: Success with evidence based medicine and comorbidities

A major 2016 Workers’ Compensation benchmark study found that one of the largest differentiators of high-performers versus all other groups was the use of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) guidelines. Users of EBM data were more than 4X more likely to be top performers than those who did not. The same study included a survey asking “What are the greatest obstacles to achieving desired claim outcomes?” Respondents ranked “Psychosocial/comorbidities” as the number one issue. read more

Flexible audit technology and reporting gives Compass Group greater insight into safety behaviors at each location while improving communication and transparency across the business

Compass Group sought to transition from a successful claims-based, post-loss program to a pre-loss model that focused on the further reduction of workplace injuries and enhancement of a strong, organization-wide culture of safety.

With adaptable audit functionality, convenient online and mobile access, and company-specific branding of audit forms, Compass is now using Origami Risk to promote a safety culture that engages all of its companies’ associates rather than being enforced from the top down.

Compass Group used Origami Risk’s highly configurable audit tools to address several challenges they faced in using audits as part of a pre-loss, behavior-based approach:

  • Accommodation of the various types of facilities in which Compass Group companies operate
  • Development of question sets for each of industries serviced by Compass Group companies
  • Consideration of the heavy workload of facility managers
  • Integration of company-specific branding to promote audit adoption
  • Weighted scoring to target specific safety issues at one or more locations

Combat cargo theft with analytics and reporting

Ironically, cargo theft is often “driven” by where trucks are parked. Recent reports from CargoNet, a division of Verisk Analytics, and the Transported Asset Protection Association Europe, found a positive correlation between cargo theft from trucks and roadside parking.

In the third quarter of 2015, cargo thefts from vehicles parked along the side of a road in the United States and Canada increased 144 percent when compared to the same period a year prior. That increase is in spite of an overall decrease in cargo thefts between the third quarters of 2014 and 2015.  read more