How Origamians Stay Connected During COVID-19

Digital connection has always been a part of Origami’s DNA. Since our founding in 2009 as a remote company of less than two dozen employees to what is now 300+ colleagues spread globally, Origamians have embraced the digital transformation of communication for more than a decade. Pre-coronavirus, one-third of our employees worked remotely, with the other two-thirds based in either our Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, or London offices. Apart from our Annual Colleague Conference, Origamians have learned to forge working relationships and friendships digitally from day one, and the coronavirus has only strengthened those connections.

With the recent global transition to a fully remote workforce, virtual platforms have grown even more critical, not just for collaboration and project management, but to socialize with coworkers, family, and friends. Company-wide, video conferencing and Slack channels have been the driving force behind daily laughter, sharing of stories, and socializing at Origami.

Sometimes when I am having a rough day, I don’t have to go too far to find humor or inspiration. I only need to go to Slack to find stories, videos, memes, and images that are just hilarious and a great reminder of how awesome you all are, and that I am so fortunate to be a part of this epic journey that Origami is on.

Our #overheardathome Slack channel has produced overly-relatable insights into the musings of working from home with family, partners, and roommates. Stories of toddlers putting slime in their hair, photos of newly dubbed pet-interns, and hilariously passive-aggressive conversations with spouses, teens, and everyone in between has provided welcome fits of laughter and strings of “oh good, it’s not just me…”. Some highlights include:

Me to kids (5 and 7 years old): Where are you guys running to?
Kids: Outside. We dropped thumbtacks out of the third floor window. We wanted to see them fall…

I thought I told you to come directly home! Give me your keys! – Me to my 82 year old father after he stopped at the store on the way home from the doctor’s office…TO PICK UP A TONER CARTRIDGE FOR THE PC!

Me to my 4 year old: Did you have your class call this morning?
Daughter: Yes
Me: What did you learn or talk about?
Daughter: I told Miss. T that Mommy ate my all of my cookies

*6-year-old holding 1-year-old little sister; 1 year old spills milk all over both of them.*
6 year old: Well, I guess this is how a mom lives…

While vignettes of at-home moments provide welcome breaks from reality, Origami’s video conferencing technology has morphed into a way to celebrate any and all occasions. Surprise wedding showers, office-wide happy hours, and a chance to finally meet coworkers’ children, spouses, partners, and pets have been hallmark moments of connecting virtually. While stories of video-call fails fill social media feeds, some Origamians willingly enter video calls with goofy apparel just to break from routine.

Origami’s marketing team has deemed “Wacky Wednesdays” a weekly staple (and PhotoShop those in need of a fun accessory).

While teams globally are grappling with a newly remote environment, humans’ innate need for socialization will persevere through the current pandemic and widening stay-at-home orders through technology. As we at Origami work to continue sharing uplifting stories to break the 24/7 coverage of COVID-19, we hope to inspire you and your team in finding moments to smile and share a laugh. It’s part of our belief that during this time, the best thing and the right thing to do is to share knowledge and provide support to those around us.

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