FAQ: Origami Risk and Gradient AI Partnership

If you have been asking yourself “how can Origami Risk help me better use data to make key decisions within my organization?”, today is your lucky day!

Over the past couple of months, Origami has been working to advance our capabilities around predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. While Origami takes an agnostic approach to our data integrations, Gradient AI is our first strategic partner in the predictive analytics space and we are excited to roll out a solution that will be repeatable and provide great value to our clients and prospects.

What’s next?

We are live and in primetime with the solution currently available in a demo environment. If you are ready to see what this integration can do for your organization:

Still have questions? We are here to help. Keep reading for a few FAQs from our Product Team.

FAQ: Origami Risk & Gradient AI Partnership

What is the Gradient AI / Origami Risk solution?

Gradient’s AI-driven tools and resources help drive efficiencies in policy underwriting and claims adjusting processes, such as enabling claim teams to focus greater attention on claims with a high probability of becoming significant cost-drivers. Gradient’s predictions, as well as associated contributing factors, are fully integrated with the Origami platform’s robust workflow, reporting and digital engagement tools.

Insurers, TPAs, risk pools, and self-insured organizations can leverage Origami’s automation capabilities along with Gradient’s vast proprietary data sets of millions of claims and policies to expand new business, streamline underwriting, speed up delivery of quotes, and enhance overall performance and profitability.

More importantly, it has the power of Origami’s integrated workflow tools and analytics that allow you to use this data in meaningful ways!

Why is this a differentiator?

Origami clients have always used our robust workflow and automation tools, as well as powerful reports and analytics to drive efficiencies. By leveraging Gradient’s predictions, clients are able to incorporate large amounts of industry data to better inform their decisions. A few examples are:


  • Decrease cost of claims
  • Decrease spending on litigation
  • Improve claim outcomes
  • Efficient application of interventions
  • Best adjustor assigned


  • Improve loss ratios
  • Improve win rates
  • Shorten underwriting process
  • Expand into new states & markets
  • Automation & Straight Through Processing

Who would be a good candidate for this integration?

Virtually all Carriers, Pools, Third Party Administrators (TPA’s), and large self-admin clients will likely be a good candidate. Also, any clients adjudicating claims, or those that would like to use predictive models to better manage their TPA’s or Carriers could see value.

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