Elevate to better outcomes: How the happiest clients in the business are solving real-world problems with Origami Risk

A flexible, intuitive interface. Software expertise combined with insurance and risk experience. A collaborative approach to implementation that’s different by design. When selecting a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) that meets your needs, each of these elements is important, but in today’s market, these are baseline requirements. The critical factor influencing the choice of a system should be the answer to the following question: Will this technology drive meaningful business results?

Measurable outcomes are what really matter. The right RMIS must prove capable of contributing to your team’s ability to more efficiently analyze risk and insurance data, prevent losses, control claim costs, streamline renewals, and reduce your organization’s total cost of risk. If it cannot, what’s the point?

For some examples of the impact that partnering with Origami Risk has had on the business results of a few of our clients, please read on.

Driving safety, efficiency, and reducing claims costs – DHL

In the UK and Ireland, DHL, the world’s leading postal and logistics company, sought new efficiencies in the centralization of the organization’s loss and risk information—data historically maintained in a legacy system. Using Origami Risk, DHL has been able to accelerate the processing and resolution of individual claims, improve the analysis of loss trends, and streamline the allocation of costs to specific cost centers. In addition, they were able to:

  • Provide real-time, actionable access to loss data and trends
  • Reduce the reporting lag of incidents to within 60 minutes of occurrence
  • Enable collaboration by providing cross departmental access (risk, safety, operations) as well as maintaining security by refining access by location, operation, division, job function, and work group
  • Easily modify any of the above as the operational environment changed

“Our effective collaboration with Origami Risk is bringing numerous benefits to our risk management initiatives and shows the impressive gains that can be made when two firms work together seamlessly and share an identical mindset about technology, service, and performance.”

Julian Thomas
Regional Head of Process & Systems
UKI, EE & EMA, DHL Insurance & Risk Management

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Data in the hands of those who need it most — Compass Group

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Compass Group is a family of companies delivering the best in food, hospitality, and support services to a number of diverse industries.
In addition to leveraging Origami Risk to run their claims penalty assessment program, analytics, and OSHA logs, Compass Group uses the platform’s configurable audit functionality as a primary communication vehicle across the business for risk- and safety-related performance.

To date, thousands of internal audits have been completed, resulting in greater insight into the safety behaviors at each location and improved communication and transparency across the business.

A number of features, in particular, have played a key role in the successful adoption of the technology:

  • Mobile auditing functions. With Compass Group companies operating in a broad range of facilities, unit managers can perform audits using an online portal or, if a WiFi connection is unavailable, the Origami Mobile Forms app.
  • Ease of use. An intuitive format makes it easy for unit managers to respond to audit questions. Tool-tips for each help answer any questions that may arise when performing an audit.
  • Custom audit libraries. With a family of companies, Compass Group developed targeted content tailored to each company’s unique business needs.

Even with initial success, improvements in the process continue to be made. For example, after examining the initial audit results, Compass Group worked with Origami to enhance the Risk Assessment Scoring model. With input and testing by Compass Group users, the audit solution now allows for the weighting of individual questions based on their criticality. This enables audits to drive safe workplace behavior more effectively by targeting specific safety issues encountered at one or more locations.

Compass Group realizes an effective safety culture requires active participation by all associates, and a full safety audit may not necessarily be realistic given time constraints in the business. The culture of safety that is not simply enforced from the top down or that is merely the responsibility of unit managers, but part of everyone’s daily process.

“Safety is something we want our unit managers and associates to always be thinking about, regardless of whether they’re working at a location that has a history of generating claims or not. We’ve provided them with tools that will give them greater ownership of the procedures that drive safe workplace behavior.”

Brian Van Allsburg
Vice President Risk Management
Compass Group, North America

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Can we track that too? Non-standard data is no problem — Banner Health

Prior to working with Origami Risk, Banner Health had a home-grown legacy system, maintained by two outside consultants, for management of its workers’ compensation, professional liability, and general liability claims. All data in this system was migrated into Origami Risk—a conversion of both systems and more than 100,000 claims, transactions, notes, and document attachments. The entire process was completed in six months.

Since implementation, Banner Health has continued to evolve in its use of the system. The organization is using Origami Risk’s automation tools to streamline workflows and drive efficiencies in the consolidation and sharing of policy, loss, and risk data. Banner teams are also taking advantage of platform flexibility to create successful solutions in areas that fall outside of the “traditional” realm of RMIS, including:

  • Issuing, tracking, and renewing security badges for employees at specific facilities based on employees’ roles and locations–saving hundreds of hours and errors
  • Providing colleagues with the ability to anonymously report any activity that may constitute a HIPAA violation
  • Requesting, evaluating, approving, and tracking secondary professional activities performed by physicians–previously a significant, unending headache

“Origami has created efficiencies to enhance operations, customer service, and decision-making. These efficiencies allow us to meaningfully participate in managing the organization’s enterprise risk.”

Rebecca Havlisch
Vice President, Business Health
Banner Health

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Driving down premiums – Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun, a multinational agri-industrial group headquartered in Breda, The Netherlands, produces food ingredients and products for the food industry, foodservice sector, and retail distribution, as well as for animal feed and non-food applications, such as biogas.

Using Origami Risk, Royal Cosun’s risk management was quickly able to capture construction, value and loss data for all of the company’s 25 production facilities in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, China and U.S., as well as more than 150 additional storage and vendor facilities spread throughout those countries.

They now maintain and have ready access to all insurable values for each location, as well as location-specific building and civil code information, building materials and construction data, combustible and non-combustible inventory, and sprinkler, fire and risk protection information.

Royal Cosun also captures revenues for each operation, which is critical for procuring business interruption coverage and related insurance claim recoveries; inventory data required for working materials coverage; and employee travel for business travel insurance and collective accident insurance. The ability to track this information by location also facilitates premium cost allocation and local administration of safety and loss control.

“Origami enables us to consolidate all of our risk management-related information in a single database and to distribute and share discrete data for each of our operations with our senior leadership. We can also deliver timely and accurate underwriting submissions to all of our insurance company providers. With ready access to this data, our property insurers are able to underwrite our risk with greater precision, which has translated to reduced premium costs.”

Jeroen Helders
Group Treasurer & Insurance Risk Manager
Royal Cosun

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Elevate your expectations. The right RMIS isn’t some software appliance—it should make you and your team measurably more effective and efficient

At Origami Risk, we only succeed when you do. And maintaining that level of service requires an approach that is different by design, that always looks to measure the impact of the system.

There is a reason that year after year Origami Risk is recognized through NPS scores and independent third parties as having the most satisfied clients.

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