How to streamline average weekly wage and indemnity benefit calculations using an integrated workers’ comp solution

Experienced adjusters are typically experts when it comes to understanding the nuances of a particular jurisdiction’s (or multiple jurisdictions’) workers’ compensation indemnity benefit laws. This can contribute to an efficient claims adjudication process and accuracy when determining the indemnity benefits owed to an injured worker. Will experienced adjusters be able to keep up as your business expands into other jurisdictions? What about less experienced adjusters?

Add to this the fact that the common practice of using spreadsheets to calculate both average weekly wage (AWW) and indemnity benefits is both time-consuming and risky. Not only is it necessary to keep up with the changes jurisdictions make to rates and regulations, but given the complex formulas involved, errors can be easily introduced and quickly proliferate.

To address these and other issues commonly encountered in the handling of workers’ compensation claims, Origami Risk launched Origami Compliance, a suite of solutions designed to streamline adjudication processes by providing adjusters with direct access to a library of up-to-date forms, rates, rules, and regulations for all U.S. jurisdictions.

Efficient and accurate average weekly wage and indemnity benefits calculations

The Origami Compliance average weekly wage (AWW) and indemnity benefits solution can be integrated with any claims management system via a secure API to provide claims adjusters with direct access to an intuitive AWW and benefits calculator that uses a comprehensive library of up-to-date rules and rates for all 50 states, territories, and the District of Columbia that is maintained by a team of compliance experts. This eliminates the need for adjusters to spend time searching state websites to find current state-specific workers’ compensation benefit laws and rates. The solution also allows adjusters to end the practice of maintaining and sharing spreadsheets for use in calculating AWW and indemnity benefits.

Direct access to rules and rates, simplified calculation—Average Weekly Wage Calculator

To begin AWW calculation for a claimant, an adjuster selects the jurisdiction in which an injury occurred. The applicable statute is immediately made available, eliminating the need to spend time searching for details.


The adjuster is then prompted with questions specific to the applicable statute that are used to determine the time frame, amounts, and any other factors to be used, thus reducing the risk that comes along with interpretation of the statute itself to determine the factors that apply.

For example, for a worker injured in Nebraska, an adjuster must specify if the claimant is a seasonal worker. If the answer is “Yes,” the adjuster is given instructions on the wages to be entered for calculation of the AWW.

After entering all relevant information, the average weekly wage can be quickly calculated.


Eliminate guesswork, increase accuracy—Indemnity Benefits Calculator

To begin calculating the indemnity benefits owed to a claimant, an adjuster chooses the jurisdiction in which an injury occurred as well as the disability type. Based on the selections made, the fields that load eliminate the need for the adjuster to spend time determining what information is required.

After entering all required information, the indemnity benefit can be quickly calculated. In addition to the calculated amount, additional details, including the formula used, a brief explanation, and retro and waiting periods, provide the adjuster with immediate access to benefit details. The adjuster also has the option of saving the worksheet to the claim record as a PDF file for auditing purposes.

Direct access to up-to-date rules and rates for every U.S. jurisdiction and an intuitive AWW and benefits calculator eliminates guesswork on the part of adjusters. It can also help to ensure that indemnity benefit calculations are accurate. To learn more and to see the solution in action, complete the form below to request a demo.

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