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Transforming Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Organization with Digital Engagement

In March 2020, Origami hosted a webinar “Transforming Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Organization with Digital Engagement.” Led by Scott Plummer, Head of Strategy, Core Solutions, and Chris Bennett, President, Core Solutions, the presentation highlighted how claims departments can leverage new digital pathways to drive customer engagement.

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The True Challenge of COVID-19 Solutions in Healthcare: Q&A with Bill Schwacke & Jaime Henry

While a world-wide trend in developing resources and solutions for coronavirus has proved fruitful, the healthcare industry is inundated with massive day-to-day challenges, leaving little-to-no room for implementation.

The healthcare industry is undoubtedly at the forefront of the global battle against COVID-19. However, the overwhelming nature of the pandemic on health organizations has become apparent, and from it, a realization that tools and solutions that were once viewed as a luxury are now a necessity for preparedness.

Origami’s Bill Schwacke, Senior Sales Executive, and Jaime Henry, Senior Market Strategy Lead – Healthcare, discuss making sense of the overabundance of resources, how solutions like Origami Risk’s stand to solve organizations’ many coronavirus challenges, and why implementation mid-pandemic might not be an option, but preparing for the future is.

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How Origamians Stay Connected During COVID-19

Digital connection has always been a part of Origami’s DNA. Since our founding in 2009 as a remote company of less than two dozen employees to what is now 300+ colleagues spread globally, Origamians have embraced the digital transformation of communication for more than a decade. Pre-coronavirus, one-third of our employees worked remotely, with the other two-thirds based in either our Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, or London offices. Apart from our Annual Colleague Conference, Origamians have learned to forge working relationships and friendships digitally from day one, and the coronavirus has only strengthened those connections.

With the recent global transition to a fully remote workforce, virtual platforms have grown even more critical, not just for collaboration and project management, but to socialize with coworkers, family, and friends. Company-wide, video conferencing and Slack channels have been the driving force behind daily laughter, sharing of stories, and socializing at Origami.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims and the Remote Workforce

Until a few weeks ago, the percentage of U.S. workers who performed their jobs from home had steadily risen, year after year, for more than a decade. Then, suddenly, the efforts to contain the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus led many employers, in industries where it is possible to do so, to require that their employees work from home. It may be some time before precise numbers are available for just how many Americans worked from home during stay-at-home/shelter-in-place orders. However, in How Many Jobs Can be Done at Home? a National Bureau Of Economic Research working paper published on April 6th, Jonathan Dingel and Brent Neiman present findings that show “37 percent of U.S. jobs can plausibly be performed at home.”

“The coronavirus outbreak has triggered an anxious trial run for remote work at a grand scale,” writes Derek Thompson in The Atlantic. “What we learn in the next few months could help shape a future of work that might have been inevitable, with or without a once-in-a-century public-health crisis.”

That future would most certainly have a bearing on the unique workers’ compensation-related issues related to a remote, at-home workforce. Insureds and the organizations that handle Workers’ Compensation claims will need to be ready. read more

How Origami Risk is Helping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this unprecedented time, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by a 24/7 news cycle focused exclusively on the COVID-19 pandemic. While an age of constant digital connectivity can certainly add to the level of anxiety we feel, it also provides us with a means of connection with our humanity in the form of stories about selfless acts of heroism, generosity, and kindness. In a bid to break the news cycle, we will be making an effort to regularly share the stories that lift our spirits in this difficult time.

Over the past weeks, Origami Risk employees (affectionately referred to as Origamians) have rallied around opportunities to give back, stay connected, and share reasons for celebration with one another—each of which we see as cause for celebration.

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