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How a Modern RMIS Can Improve Incident Collection

Risk Managers and Claims Adjusters know how important it is to collect detailed incident data. Many companies have unstructured collection methods, though, ranging from phone and e-mail to fax and paper. This can lead to inaccurate and inefficient incident data collection, causing challenges that might result in higher claims costs.

A modern RMIS enables clients to easily capture structured data in a manner that is understandable to the field and can include supporting documents and pictures. The key benefits of using a RMIS for incident collection are:

  1. Managing claims earlier
  2. Ability to analyze incidents
  3. Flexibility to change the data collected

All of these benefits can play a part in reducing workers comp litigation as employees can receive communication earlier and companies can better prevent injuries. read more

Benefits of Using a RMIS to Analyze Workers’ Comp Claims

In the workers’ compensation environment, risk managers and claims administrators typically need to make calculations that require capturing and analyzing the wealth of data that can be accumulated on worker injuries.

However, using data and analytics means something entirely different from one employer to the next. For example, consider how you might respond to any of the following questions: read more

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