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Olamide Omolawon

Olamide Omolawon

Field Marketing Manager

Olamide Omolawon is a resourceful and dynamic marketing professional, with extensive experience in digital marketing, event planning, and management. Olamide joined Origami in 2022 as a Field Marketing Manager. She is responsible for international events, programs, and initiatives to drive demand, accelerate sales cycles and retain and grow the client base.

Prior to joining Origami, Olamide worked as a Marketing Specialist at Amway. Olamide started at Amway in 2018, where she successfully led product launch events and worked closely with the sales team. This resulted in products selling over the forecast for the UK market. She also created GTM strategies for new products that helped grow sales year after year.

Olamide achieved her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Derby with a specialization in Marketing and International Relations and Global Development. In addition, Olamide received her Postgraduate Diploma in International Marketing Strategy in 2017.