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Ladd Bradley

Workers' Compensations Specialist

Ladd Bradley is a motivated and knowledgeable professional in the insurance and risk management industries. As a Worker's Compensations Specialist, Ladd efficiently manages the research, development, and implementation of workers' compensation compliance data. He played a critical role in the release of indemnity benefits resources for our clients in 2017 and continues to contribute to the improvement and development of key compliance functions.

Prior to joining Claimwire, Ladd spent over 10 years at Farm BureauFinancial Services in multiple capacities. He gained valuable claims-handling experience as an adjuster, built an agency from scratch as an insurance agent, and assisted with the development and training of new agents as Associate Agency Manager. Additionally, Ladd's leadership skills have a solid foundation that is based on 10 years of military service with the Utah Army National Guard.

Ladd graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University’s John M. Huntsman School of Business in 2009.