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Joshua Newsum

Sales Executive

Joshua Newsum is an experienced GRC professional with extensive practical and technological experience in Audit, Risk, and Compliance. As a Sales Executive at Origami Risk, Joshua spearheads GRC design and roadmap efforts, supports Sales and Marketing professionals, and collaborates with the Services team to provide world-class GRC implementation and consulting support to client projects. Joshua joined Origami in 2018 and is focused on working for and with GRC customers to ensure their programs are creating efficiencies and value within their organizations.

Prior to joining Origami Risk, Joshua worked with a GRC competitor. During his time there, his focus was on designing tailored implementation experiences. He brought more than 40 customers—representing many industries that included Fortune 500 organizations, along with varying degrees of maturities and requirements—solutions that exceeded organizational expectations and drove value. Joshua also helped design product-specific features that aligned with customer and industry requests and best practices. Over the course of his career, Joshua has also served as a Risk and Audit Manager and implemented GRC solutions, firsthand, as the customer. His ability to mine knowledge and experience gained on both sides of the table enables Origami to implement and adopt technologies and processes that contribute to their success.


Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management from Iowa State University. He is active in the Risk and Audit community through participation in local and national events.