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Jenny Anderson

Market Strategy Lead

Jenny Anderson has over ten years of experience delivering innovative business solutions to enterprise and industrial clients alike. As a Market Strategy Lead at Origami Risk, Jenny brings a proven track record and passion for process innovations, leadership, customer focus, and technical prowess to further enhance Origami Risk’s RMIS solution offering and market presence.

Jenny’s expertise in Project Management, Business Development, and Strategic Consulting makes her a trusted advisor. She has held many roles prior to joining Origami, mostly with Healthcare disruptor startups. Jenny began her career with a large, national health service provider where she built a team to launch a startup from within the company. She eventually joined Axion Health. There, she delivered SaaS-based health and safety programs to hospital systems and industrial clients, ultimately managing Axion’s entire client base. Following her time at Axion, Jenny joined Maxwell Health. As a Strategic Account Manager with that company, she delivered modern benefits and HR technology to the nation’s leading benefit advisors.