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Origami Risk and Royal Cosun shortlisted as finalists for the CIR award: Best Use of Technology in Risk Management – Partnership

Origami Risk and Royal Cosun are among the finalists for the CIR Risk Management Awards 2018 in the category of Best Use of Technology in Risk Management – Partnership Award. Now in its 9th year, the CIR Risk Management Awards recognize those individuals, organizations and teams that have significantly added to the understanding and practice of risk management. Find out how Royal Cosun has been able to drive down its total cost of risk by partnering with Origami Risk by checking out their story below. 

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Different by design—Key elements in converting to Origami Risk from a legacy RMIS system

Unforeseen delays. Cost overruns. Delivery of an end product that only slightly matched initial expectations.

Whether it was a home remodeling job or the deployment of new technology for a business, we all have stories to tell about the project we wish we’d never started in the first place. When purchasing or replacing a Risk Management Information System (RMIS), choosing Origami Risk means you won’t repeat the experience.

Origami Risk was founded a decade ago by industry veterans who recognized that improvements in the development, delivery, and support of RMIS technology were long overdue. A central component of the changes they introduced, and that we’ve continued to refine, is an approach to implementation and ongoing support that is different by design.

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Using RMIS technology to improve incident and near miss reporting

Every seven seconds, a worker is injured on the job, totaling 4,500,000 injuries per year. Astounding statistics. The worst part? Many of these injuries are preventable.

Loss reduction efforts and improvements in safe workplace behavior require the cooperation of everyone in an organization. When incidents and near misses aren’t reported, injuries occur that might have been prevented—at a significant cost to injured employees, their families and communities, and their employers. An effective approach to incident management encourages an expansion in the reporting of incidents and near misses by both workers and their supervisors.

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Origami Risk Launches Comprehensive Compliance Solution for Insurers, Claims Administrators and Large Self-Insureds

Chicago, IL – August 27, 2018 – Origami Risk has launched Origami Compliance, a suite of solutions that provides adjusters with automated access to forms, rates, rules, and regulations to streamline their adjudication process. Origami Compliance solutions are delivered via a web application programming interface (API) that operates behind the scenes to facilitate a reliable and secure connection with any claims management system.

Origami Risk has grown to become the preeminent risk and insurance technology platform serving all members of the risk management community from insured corporate and public entities, to insurance carriers, brokers, TPAs and risk consultants. The Origami Compliance solution is unique from the company’s other offerings in that it integrates with any claims software and provides real-time access to up-to-date forms, laws, regulations, and rates, helping to ensure compliance requirements are met. The solution, powered by a comprehensive rules engine, also makes it possible for adjusters to automatically have access the most up-to-date forms, accurate calculations, current rates and up-to-date regulations.

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