Monthly Archives: November 2015

Evidence-based medicine helps reign in costly worker injuries, claims

The gambling capital of the world seems like an appropriate place for workers’ compensation professionals to come together and wager on the best ways to reign in worker injuries and the adverse impact they can have on their businesses.

Thousands of these folks have descended upon Las Vegas this week for the Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference, where buzz-worthy topics include:

  • How predictive analytics can detect problematic claims early on and the value of early detection
  • How to minimize the misuse of doctors, medical testing, prescriptions and time off work with medical management and return-to-work best practices
  • How to reduce claims’ severity through reviewing claims and managing programs

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Why risk information is safe in the cloud

“Cloud computing” is still an ambiguous concept to many organizations—prompting concerns that their sensitive data will be exposed in what they fear is an unsecure environment. But a high-ranking U.S. government official’s recent endorsement of the cloud—or at least the most reputable public cloud providers, like Amazon, Microsoft and Google—could change the tide.

“I see the big cloud providers in the same way I see a bank,” said Tony Scott, U.S. CIO, in a Google for Work webcast in late October. “They have the incentive, they have skills and abilities, and they have the motivation to do a much better job of security than any one company or any one organization can probably do.”

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