Who We Serve

We have structured our web-based software to meet the needs of different sectors within the risk and insurance marketplace—a feat made possible by technology that can easily be configured to address your unique business challenges, alongside a support team with tremendous risk and insurance experience to help with implementations and ongoing service.

Risk Managers

Harness the full power of your risk, insurance and claims data to address the daily challenges you face. Efficiently transmit data to and from a wide array of sources; standardize that information for easy analysis; and then, with the help of rules-based decision-making tools, automatically prompt activity to drive success throughout the entire spectrum of risk-related departments.

Third-Party Administrators

Take customer service to the next level with technology that takes the claims adjusting process from high-touch to low-touch. Access tools that automate how you aggregate and report claim data—saving time, reducing costs and giving adjusters the opportunity to do more high value work that will resonate with customers. Prove your value even further with our award-winning risk management portal that gives your customers access to the analytics necessary to make a positive impact on their claims programs.

Pools & Captives

Let Origami Risk save you time and enhance your value to members with automated tools that drive efficiency and intuitive analytics that either incite change or prove positive results within members’ risk and insurance programs. Capture members’ risk data, adjust their claims, underwrite their policies, and then communicate with members about these efforts from one virtual location. Transition from one member’s data to the next with one login to streamline your efforts even further.


Delight brokers and insureds, alike, with a streamlined approach to policy issuance and renewals, as well as well-managed claims from start to finish. Our technology automates everything from the proposal and binding processes, to claim notifications and payments and checks—improving the customer experience. Prove your value even further with our risk management portal—branded as your system—that gives customers access to the analytics they need to make a positive impact on their risk and insurance programs. Finally, don’t be overwhelmed by the high volume of accounts your have to manage. With Origami Risk, you can transition from one client’s data to the next with one login to streamline your efforts even further.


Move your client relationships from purely transactional to more long-term, consultative arrangements. Origami Risk will help you demonstrate your value to clients with powerful tools to quickly and easily collect, aggregate, analyze and report comprehensive risk and insurance data to clients. Transition from one client’s data to the next with one login in our multi client environment to streamline your efforts further.