Incident Management, Investigations, and Corrective Actions

Origami Risk helps you better manage incidents by simplifying incident data collection and automating the investigation process--triggering corrective actions faster. This can ultimately result in preventing similar incidents and reducing costs. And if a claim is involved, it can even lead to shortening the claim’s duration, further reducing costs.

Capture Quality Data, Faster

Origami Risk streamlines the incident intake process by allowing employees or supervisors in the field to report defined incident data directly into the system from their mobile devices. As a result, incident capture is less of a burden, and field users are more likely to comply with more accurate, robust and timely data input.

  • Origami Risk supports enterprise-wide incident collection, meaning any role you authorize to report an incident can do so in a secure portal without cumbersome restrictions.
  • The system offers welcome messages and instructions for atypical users to further enable meaningful and complete data collection.
  • Users can upload supporting documents, photos or videos alongside incident data they submit for a more comprehensive picture of the incident.

Speed Up Response Times, Improve Results

With Origami Risk, you can automate the incident investigation process as soon as an incident occurs. More timely notification of incidents to appropriate stakeholders–along with automated instructions for next steps–typically means more prompt responses that prevent further incidents or at least reduce the impact of the already occurred event.

  • Input incident data triggers automated alerts, notifying supervisors and/or safety teams of next steps.
  • Monitor and track the investigation process as all stakeholders consolidate their activities and insights into one central repository.
  • Easy-to-access insights allow for robust analysis, which then spurs corrective actions that can be tracked and followed up on within the system.

Streamline Reporting, Improve Compliance

Incidents involving claims–workers’ compensation-related or not–often require reporting to a host of regulatory entities, which can drastically compound the workload of those charged with managing incidents and any resulting claims. Origami Risk offers the data tools necessary to simplify and secure the entire reporting process, whether it’s to comply with regulations for OSHA, First and Subsequent Reports of Injuries to states or CMS 111.

  • Origami Risk complies with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) regulations, freeing you or your staff from being EDI-compliant reporting experts.
  • Save yourself from logging into multiple systems, duplicative data entry, and reporting claim data in different formats with unique requirements.
  • Automate the entire reporting process with rules-based decision-making technology that determines which claims to report and transmits the data in appropriate formats, and notifies you of receipt or any potential errors.